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So How Should a Woman in Ministry Date?

Pastor Darla recommends in-person and online opportunities. "Women in ministry should attend as many worship services and Christian events as they can. You won't meet 'Mr. Right' sitting at home. If you don't become more involved in the faith community, you might miss a great opportunity to meet someone special," she quips.

According to Darla, online dating is also a wonderful option. Not only is it a discreet way to meet a potential spouse, it’s convenient. "Online dating is a great tool. But of course (as in the case of any type of online interaction) you must use caution and be led by the Spirit of God. It’s easier for people to be deceptive online," she advises.

Although conveniently conducted any time and from any location, online dating can be time-consuming. Filling out lengthy questionnaires, sorting through potential matches, and responding to candidates could become a part-time job!

Single in Ministry

What to Look For

“When a woman gets married, her husband becomes the head of her life. He is her spiritual covering," Pastor Darla reminds. And because of that spiritual law, it is important for a woman in ministry to marry wisely. The Message translation of Ephesians 5:23 states: "The husband provides leadership to his wife the way Christ does to His church, not by domineering but by cherishing. So just as the church submits to Christ as He exercises such leadership, wives should likewise submit to their husbands." This Scripture essentially means that a husband has the authority to bolster or suffocate his wife’s ministry. A wife is not inferior to her husband, but she (along with everything that she does in and outside of her home) is subject to his leadership.

While considering the spiritual order of a household, Pastor Darla does not believe that it is necessary for a woman to marry a man who shares (or surpasses) her spiritual anointing. Instead, she believes that a single woman in ministry should be particularly concerned with the way a potential spouse perceives her calling. “During the dating process, we should look for the biblical definition of a godly husband. But we must also keep in mind that – whether or not someone enters our life – our calling remains the same. It doesn’t change. Therefore, a suitable mate must understand and respect the call on your life. Without that, how can he (as your future husband) properly cover, support, and stir-up your ministry?" Darla strongly asserts.

The Answer

Should a Single Minister Date? Yes, if that is her preference! – But she should always date with wisdom, discretion, and her specific God-given calling in mind. "This is just earth," Pastor Darla muses. “We have to lock our eyes with God, even throughout the process of finding a mate. Whether we date, marry, or remain single, we must always keep our eyes on our assignment." c