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Do You Want to Make it Better

In a world led by emotions with such significance put on how a person feels,…

Multi-tasking Doesn’t Work

Is your lifestyle damaging your brain?

Was Eve Inferior to Adam?

The Bible has a lot to say about a woman’s worth! Read on, and discover…

Release the Limitations

Right where you are—release your limitations. Believe what the Bible says about you.

What Every Young Girl Needs

A healthy self-esteem is something that everyone needs—especially girls. And there’s a new coloring Bible…

Come As You Are

If you feel like a hot mess, you’re not alone. Surrender every weakness to God,…

Big Girls DO Cry

Experience unexplainable peace during the most difficult times.

Tell Yourself The Truth

Taking a long look in the spiritual mirror won’t be easy, but it will be…

Is it the Key to a Happy, Successful Life?

More than self-worth, self-respect, and even character, author Van Moody explains why the “I-Factor” determines…

Biblical Secrets to a Man’s Heart

What do men really want? The answer has never changed. It’s been the same for…

What Is Worship?

These simple, yet intimate, things are tender expressions of worship, and they will draw you…

What’s Your Calling?

A guide to finding your purpose.
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