hidden germs




For most people, eating at a restaurant is a welcome respite from the usual meal-prep regimen. After all, who wants to cook, clean up, and wash dishes every day? But, as you treat yourself at your favorite culinary spot, you might be served more than you bargained for!

There are germs lurking in the least-expected places. According to microbiologist Dr. Charles Gerba, the most germy places in an eatery include the table and even the utensils. But wait! Before you completely forgo eating out, try these solutions. We’ve compiled practical remedies that help you enjoy a sanitary meal.


Door Handles: Welcome to the germ center!
We all know that the door handles in bathrooms are bacteria magnets and should be handled with a paper towel. However, we don’t usually think this rule applies to other doors — like at the entrance to a restaurant. Restaurant doors handles can be just as dirty as bathroom handles (and even dirtier).

Solution: Have a disposable napkin available to open the doors, or plan to wash your hands right before you eat.