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Seasonal Scarf
Catch a ray of sunshine with a pastel-colored scarf. Hang it, wrap it, or belt it for a seasonal look. $19.95; NorthStyle.com


Fedora Hat
A trendy hat is a great way to top off the spring. Dress it up with pumps, or dress it down with jeans. $24.00; Nordstrom.com


Wide-Leg Pants
Spring out of winter with bright, bold, and wide-leg pants. A belted design adds a delicate touch. $98.00; BananaRepublic.com



Floral Blazer
Nothing screams “spring” like a floral pattern. So dare to push the fashion envelope! You can balance a floral blazer with a solid tee and understated bottom.
$128.00; Anthropologie.com
Lightweight Trench
Stay in vogue on a rainy day, or add some warmth on a chilly night. Even if the weather takes a spring dive, a vibrantly colored trench coat will brighten your day. $99.00;6EddieBauer.com 



Stripes are a spring classic. Be gutsy, and pick whatever suits your fancy. But, unless you’re slender (or want a more curvy look), avoid horizontally striped skirts and dresses.
$79.00; AnnTaylor.com

polkadotsdressPolka Dots 
Fun and super classy, polka dots are a spring essential. Darker shades (like navy and black) are great slimmers. 
$178.00; Nordstrom.com