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Moody’s new release teaches readers how to improve their relationships with themselves — by taking an honest look in the mirror. As a follow-up to The People Factor, his popular 2014 book, The I-Factor puts an end to the blame game, and it urges readers to accept responsibility for their success. “I have heard people blame their problems and shortcomings on everything from their parents to their children to the government to race, age, or gender,” Moody said. “When disappointments or troubles happen to Christians, they often blame the enemy, making comments such as, ‘The devil is trying to steal my destiny!’ or ‘I’m under attack from the enemy! He’s hindering my success!’ While I am quick to affirm the reality of spiritual warfare, I also think spiritual warfare is cited as the reason for many things that have absolutely nothing to do with the spiritual realm.

According to Moody, the I-Factor is behind our missteps and personal failings. More than self-worth or self-respect — even beyond character — the I-Factor is about self-management. Moody defines this vital concept as identity, significance, and perspective. He asserts that, when you understand your identity, you know who you are; when you understand your significance, you see the purpose and greatness that you were created for; and when you understand perspective, you can view the problems you face as stepping stones to greatness.

“The I-Factor ultimately determines whether we will help ourselves or hinder ourselves as we go through life,” Moody explains. “People with weak, negative I-Factors become their own worst enemies, while people with healthier, positive I-Factors end up being their own best friends. c

The I-Factor

The I-Factor

Van Moody’s résumé speaks for itself. He serves on the board of Joel Osteen’s Champions Network; he’s a member of Dr. Oz’s Core Team; and he’s an associate trainer in Japan for John Maxwell’s EQUIP leadership organization. If those affiliations weren’t enough, his latest book, The I-Factor, adds another notch on his already impressive belt.

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