8 Things to Know Before Going on a Blind Date

Is it time to take a chance?


Long before there was eHarmony or Christian Mingle, there were matchmakers. I suppose you could argue that matchmaking is biblical — after all, even Abraham recruited some matchmaking assistance for his son.

When Abraham was in his twilight years, he started getting worried about his son’s marital status (as parents of unmarried adults tend to do). So, he came up with a plan: he’d have his servant find a wife for Isaac.

Apparently, Abraham’s servant was a willing matchmaker. However, the servant did ask God for a sign: if a woman offered him water for his camels, she’d be the one. Romantic, huh?

And the plan seemed to work! Scripture says, “Isaac . . . loved [Rebekah] deeply, and she was a special comfort to him after the death of his mother” (Genesis 24:67, New Living Translation).

Why Go on a Blind Date?
Maybe it made sense for Abraham to intervene in his son’s love life, but today we have access to unlimited dating possibilities online. So, why face the awkwardness of meeting a stranger who’s only been prescreened by Aunt Carol or Mom’s friend, Peggy?