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TO SOME, there are Scriptures that are just plain old-fashioned. They’re out of touch, out of date, and utterly chauvinistic. So, we asked CALLED’s readers:

What Does It Mean to Honor Your Husband?
(Ephesians 5:33)


Love him through his failures. Guide and encourage him through his successes. […] No matter how many years have passed, remember the man you fell in love with. Cherish the peaks and the valleys because that’s what real love is—and what a marriage is built on. People are too quick to give up. They have this idea that marriage is a fairytale, but it’s so much more than that.”
~Paige Glasgow


Showing him respect. Allowing him room to grow into the Man of God he's destined to be. Not criticizing him or belittling him. Showing him appreciation for being the protector of the home. Creating peace in the home for him and your family.”
~Teria James
Love him, encourage him, support him, and don’t bad mouth him to others. Be interested in what he has to say. Be thankful he does the dishes or folds the laundry, even if it is not the way you would do it. Be grateful he is helping. You can refold a towel, but you can’t undo hurt feelings.”
~Shelly Ann McGehee
Words of affirmation. When he makes a decision, support him. Bathe him in prayer daily. Talk mess to him ... flirt.”
~Mary Lisa
“I pray over my husband every night as he sleeps. I put my hand over his heart and ask God to help him be who He created him to be!”
~Kim Gaines
“Never badmouth him to others when upset. Focus on his good points, not the bad. Thank him for the good he does.” 
~Kathy Falat 
“You honor him by the way you dress, the way you talk , the way you raise your children, by lifting him up to the Lord, being supportive, and by the way you keep your home.”
~Beth Ledbetter
“Respect and be faithful to him!” 
~Mimi Mtz
“Deferring to him. Encouraging his spiritual walk. Supporting his goals. Lifting him up in prayer. Listening to his heart. Sharing in his hobbies. Never cutting him down, and never belittling him in public. Essentially, be a Proverbs 31 wife, and God will fill in the rest.”
~Jorene Kay
“Speaking highly of him and respecting him. Forgiving him and loving him, even if you feel like he's undeserving (but, I’m not speaking of abusive situations).” 
~Jennifer Fujiko Hoffman
Not arguing over silly things. Praying for him. Yes, speak highly of him everywhere.”
~DeNene Thompson
“Smile and kiss him.”
~Sandra Lenas
Listening to him, and speaking highly of him. Speak good things over him.” 
~Cassandra Jordan
“Respect his position as the head of the family without trying to usurp his authority, and doing whatever it takes to be his peace.”
~Stacy Deloach



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