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Stretching daily is an easy way to love your body, and revitalize your health. As people age, their muscles become tighter and their range of motion decreases. They also become more stressed, more prone to illness, and more susceptible to injury. Stretching, however, helps treat these conditions. Besides improving flexibility, stretching:

Releases Dopamine (making you feel energized and happier)

Reduces Pain (relieving muscle aches, PMS symptoms, and emotional stress)

Increases Circulation (enhancing brain function, digestion, heart health, and the nervous system)

Helps You Sleep Better (benefiting your mood, productivity, and memory)

Lengthens Tight Muscles (minimizing injury and correcting posture)

When stretching, focus on the full body (not just certain parts). Remember, everything is connected. For example, a person can have pain in their shoulder, but it stems from an injury in their foot. To tap into the many benefits of full body stretching, try the following routine. Hold each stretch for five breaths (counting to three on the inhale, and counting to four on the exhale). Deepen each stretch with every exhalation, and stop if you feel any strain or pain. And, of course, before beginning any new exercise program, you should consult your physician.