Pastor Donnie and Sis Andrea 2375

Marsha DuCille [to Donnie]: Give me three adjectives to describe your sister, Andrea. 

Donnie McClurkin: I would say, graceful ... talented ... my favorite soprano in the whole world.

MD: And, Andrea, for your brother?

Andrea McClurkin-Mellini: Oh, gosh. [she laughs]
DM: Our family is not used to saying the sentimental things. It would be like, “idiot”...
AM [laughing a bit harder]: Yeah, those are the types of things we’d say. So I’m trying to reach into the “Marcia Brady.” Ummm ... I would say, he’s giving...
DM: Always.
AM: He is very loving.
DM: Very.
AM: And he’s pretty much an idiot. [she laughs, again] The third one would be ...
DM: Marrrrrvelous.
AM: And ... caring. He’s very caring. He’s all those things.
DM: And humble.
AM: No, no. I didn’t say that. He’s all those things that I listed, because he pretty much puts his money where his mouth is. And if we’re in need, he always jumps in and tries to save us. You know, whether it’s a word to bring you back to center – or whatever it is – he’s always there.

MD: Is it difficult to have a brother who’s so outgoing – who’s constantly the center of attention?

AM: No, because I’m pretty much used to it. Ever since I was a teen, I’ve always been “Donnie’s sister.” I’ve never had a name, identity, or anything.
DM: That’s not exactly true, because she’s not just “Donnie’s sister.” Honestly, without being sentimental, right now, everyone in the gospel music arena knows Andrea as a quintessential soprano. She’s got a quality like nobody else in music. Her voice cuts through.

MD [to Donnie]: With so many artists out there, what do you think Andrea brings to the music industry that’s not already there?

DM: Andrea is like a mono-gene. She’s one of a kind. You can listen to every and anybody throughout gospel music history, and you’ll never find a voice that sounds anything remotely close to Andrea’s – and I’m not just saying this for interview-sake. Her quality, her control, her flexibility. She has an endless range (which she’s afraid to use), and she has a trill to her voice. It’s signature. That’s what she brings. That’s the reason why she’s been key in almost everything that I’ve done. She travels the world with me. She really – honest to God – no joke – loves God. I don’t have to worry about anything [regarding] Andrea’s character.

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“There’s nothing broken in
your life that God can’t fix.”

~Marsha DuCille