Healthy Food Swaps

spinach bowl

Don’t Use: Iceberg Lettuce
Use: Raw Spinach

Why: Iceberg lettuce is mostly water, whereas spinach is full of vitamins and nutrients that are important for growth, vision, and immunity.

Try: Use olive oil and balsamic vinegar to dress a raw spinach, strawberries, and walnut salad.

Don’t Use: Creamy Salad Dressing
Use: Olive Oil and Vinegar

Why: Olive oil’s monounsaturated fat can protect you from heart disease, and vinegar can help lower your glucose levels.

Try: Use balsamic vinegar for a sweeter flavor.

quinoa rice

Don’t Use: Rice
Use: Quinoa

Why: Protein-rich quinoa contains significant amounts of fiber and iron.

Try: Make your favorite version of fried rice, but use quinoa instead.

Don’t Use: Pasta
Use: Spaghetti Squash

Why: Spaghetti squash will nourish you with a wide range of vitamins, like vitamin C, folate, and vitamin K, without the carb overload.

Try: Bake your spaghetti squash whole at 400º Fahrenheit (for 40 to 45 minutes to make it easier to cut and clean). Remove the seeds and spread a hearty meat sauce over the top for a healthy dinner.

Don’t Use: Soda
Use: Seltzer

Why: Seltzer, or carbonated water, is a great sugar-free soda alternative that will keep you hydrated.

Try: Add a spritz of your favorite citrus juice to give your seltzer a twist.

Don’t Use: Bagels
Use: English Muffins

Why: English muffins can deliver your carb fix, while also doubling as a good source of fiber.

Try: For a boost of protein, add a smear of peanut butter.

Don’t Use: Mashed Potatoes
Use: Cauliflower Mash

Why: Boiled and mashed cauliflower has a remarkably similar consistency to potatoes, and it also offers a healthy dose of folic acid and potassium.

Try: Lightly sauté garlic in a tablespoon of butter, and add the mixture to your mash with your preferred seasonings. c

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